A Trauma Informed Approach to Intake and Family Advocacy

After a referral is completed through the helpline, an Intake and Family Advocacy team member will call you to complete a program intake session. This Intake and Family Advocacy team member will be your navigator through the process of beginning services through Safe+Sound Somerset. This trauma informed approach ensures that you have clarity and feel supported rather than constantly retelling your story or feeling overwhelmed.

Initial Pre-Screening Contact

Once your initial intake is scheduled, you will review and sign our electronic consent forms before the intake takes place. The electronic consent forms are designed to empower you with information to make the most of our programs, and include topics like rights and responsibilities, and confidentiality.

During this short initial call, your Intake and Family Advocate will schedule your comprehensive Intake Session, and review the following with you:

1. Safety Planning – We will discuss how to complete your intake safely including the safest way to contact you and potential physical and technological safety.

2. Assessment – We address any immediate needs that you may have, such as seeking a protective or restraining order, obtaining a medical examination, or basic needs such as housing and food.

If at this or any point in this process, we realize that Safe+Sound Somerset cannot best meet your needs, we will help you connect with those that can.

Intake Session

Intakes take place either virtually via safe encrypted platforms or in-person at our central office location. This intake process provides assessment for all programs- making it easy to access variety of services Safe+Sound offers. Intakes typically range approximately 60-90 minutes.

The intake is a comprehensive session that includes:

1. Information Gathering

2. Individualized Safety Planning

3. Explore your options for our holistic, trauma responsive services including family advocacy

4. Plan for Your unique goals

Family Advocacy

Family advocacy is woven into the intake process to ensure that basic needs of survivors’ families – both the caregiver and children – are met right from the start. The ultimate goals of Family Advocacy are self-sufficiency and violence prevention. We will listen to you and collect information about your immediate situation and concerns. If needed, the Intake and Family Advocate can assist you in acquiring basic needs, such as food, clothing, household supplies and more to support your family. By focusing on the basic needs of survivors and their families, we assist families in achieving new levels of holistic wellbeing in their homes. Family advocacy is available to families of every definition and structure.

Follow Up

After your comprehensive intake session, your information will be reviewed and forwarded to program staff (such as counseling, legal advocacy, financial empowerment and housing first) and the team member from that program will reach out to you.

Two weeks after your intake, the same Intake and Family Advocacy team member will follow up with you to check-in on your program referral(s) and that you were able to connect with both Safe+Sound Somerset programs and the external resources provided.

Starting the process of seeking help is not easy. Let the caring, compassionate professionals in Intake and Family Advocacy Program walk you through every step of the way!

To connect with Intake and Family Advocacy or get more information about any of our services, contact Safe+Sound Somerset’s 24/7 Call and Text Helpline at 866.685.1122.

Additional information can also be found at www.safe-sound.org.