The impacts of domestic and sexual violence are far-reaching and complicated. Safe+Sound Somerset addresses those impacts through trauma-informed counseling that empowers survivors and families to heal.

Adult Counseling

Counseling helps survivors heal from the trauma of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. In a supportive non-judgmental environment survivors gain insight into the impacts of violence. Our counselors work with survivors to develop an individualized plan to build healthy coping strategies and techniques as they work toward a new life free from abuse.

Counselors are highly trained in various modalities including Cognitive Behavioral, Prolonged Exposure, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapies.

Group Counseling

New clients are encouraged to join a supportive group to help understand they are not alone. Participants discuss the dynamics of domestic abuse and share experiences with fellow survivors over twelve weeks. Facilitated by trauma-trained and empathic counselors, group members talk about power and control, healthy boundaries and relationships, assertiveness, and warning signs of abuse. Groups are offered in English and Spanish.

Youth and Adolescent Counseling

Young people who witness domestic abuse often develop behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and struggle with depression, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They are at higher risk than their peers for alcohol and drug addiction, suicidal thoughts or actions, and themselves becoming abusive, or being abused in their own relationships. Our youth programs are designed to reduce these risks for children. Youth programs also address the impacts of teen dating violence to foster future healthy relationships.

Our youth counselors are highly trained in a variety of proven methods to help children heal from trauma and abuse, build coping skills, express feelings appropriately, and explore healthy relationships. Evidence-based counseling and creative play therapies, including Trauma Focused-Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, are offered in a safe setting to families impacted by abuse.

Parent Support

Parenting is never easy. Parenting children who have witnessed abuse comes with additional challenges. Our counselors work with parents one-on-one and facilitate parenting groups to help address children’s unique needs. Participants learn positive parenting skills, how to set and maintain boundaries, and healthy discipline strategies.



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