If you live or work in Somerset County, NJ and have experienced or seen domestic, dating or sexual violence, our services are available to you. 
Our services are provided at no cost, and we do not bill insurance. Our services are confidential, and our organization is separate from the police and government.  

Call or text the Safe+Sound Somerset 24/7 helpline at 866-685-1122 for services, support and information related to domestic, dating, or sexual violence. 

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At Safe+Sound Somerset, We Help

  • Straight people
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Two Spirit people (LGBQIA2S+)
  • Cisgender and Transgender women and men 
  • Nonbinary and Genderqueer people 
  • People with Disabilities
  • Undocumented people

  • Spanish & Polish – We have Spanish speaking staff members and volunteers 
  • Other languages – We connect to a language translation service which allows us to communicate with survivors in over 120 languages

  • Children (3 years+)Counseling for children who have experienced sexual violence or who have seen domestic violence. 
  • Teens – We do not notify the parents of teens that call our helpline for information or support. Parental permission may be needed for teens seeking other services, depending on their age and the service provided. Our helpline advocates can give information and offer advice about parental permissions. 
  • Adults, including Older Adults  

Frequently Asked Questions

People call our helpline for many reasons: help in a crisis, safety planning, listening and support from a live person, referrals for services at Safe+Sound Somerset and elsewhere, information about violence, questions about helping a friend, and more.  

We received 3,603 helpline calls and texts in 2022, which is an average of almost 10 per day.  

Read about what to expect when you contact the helpline in English and Spanish, or listen to our Ask Ava podcast episode here. 

If you’re calling from outside Somerset County, we may connect you with your local domestic or sexual violence organization for you tor receive the best care possible.

“Confidential” means that your information is kept private and secure. We will not share your information outside of Safe+Sound Somerset without your written permission to do so. 

On the helpline, you can be anonymous if you wish. You do not need to provide your name. 

We are mandated reporters (just like all adults in New Jersey), which means that if someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others, or there is a report of child abuse or neglect, we will make a call to the Department of Child Protection & Permanency. 

That is completely understandable. It’s okay to be scared or nervous.  

If you’re calling in a crisis or need someone to listen to you or supply information, we believe you and we’re here to support you.  

Our advocates, or trained helpers, don’t tell you what we think you should do. We present options and allow you to make the decisions that are best for you, because you are the expert about your situation.  

Your situation is important to us. We don’t measure one person’s situation again another person’s experience. We want you to call our helpline. 

Find a full list of our services here: English and Spanish.