What Happens When I Want to Give Help to Survivors?

A handout explaining different types of donations supporting survivors at Safe+Sound and the community.


Safe+Sound Somerset relies on the community – individuals, families, local businesses and civic groups – for the financial support to achieve our mission. Our donors make a real, lasting impact on the lives of survivors and their families who seek safety, hope and healing at Safe+Sound.

Below is information on the types of donations we are currently accepting to allow the organization to achieve its mission.

What is the best type of donation to give?

Monetary gifts are preferred. All gifts – no matter what the amount – are meaningful, ensuring that legal advocacy, family advocacy, counseling, financial empowerment and emergency services, like our 24/7 call and text hotline and safe havens, are available to survivors when needed. Financial gifts allow us to use these resources where they are most needed, whether it be to cover the costs of our staffing or pay the light bill.

With subscription gifts, you choose how often you want to make a gift and the amount you want to give—Safe+Sound Somerset will take care of the rest. You can change the amount and frequency any time and without restrictions. Subscription giving adds up to big impact for survivors! Others prefer to make a one-time gift based on their current finances and the impact they are seeking.

Both gift options are available at www.safe-sound.org/donations or you can mail a check to: Safe+Sound Somerset, 427 Homestead Rd., Hillsborough, NJ 08844.

Do you accept any other donations? How can my group or business help?

Yes, gift cards – whose value and impact far exceed their monetary value for survivors! Almost all of S+SS’ clients – 98% of them – experience financial abuse in additional to at least one other form of domestic abuse. Gift cards provide a learning opportunity around the use of money and budgeting, while building survivors’ confidence and self-esteem. For many survivors, this might be the first time in a long while – or maybe ever – that they were provided the autonomy to make their own purchase decisions. Click here to view our video talking about one client’s recent reaction to receiving gift cards for their needs.

Shop-Rite gift cards are useful for survivors experiencing food insecurity, which has increased during the pandemic and often supplement distributions from local food pantries. Walmart and Amazon gift cards enable survivors to purchase the widest variety of items they need as they are building lives free from abuse, including clothing and toiletry items for themselves and their children, and household goods if they are setting up a new home.

If you, your business or a community group is interested in hosting a drive for our clients, we ask that you collect gift cards. If you would like information to distribute to your group, or to make arrangements for delivery at the conclusion, please email [email protected].

Do you accept donations of new or used clothing and household items?

We DO NOT accept donations of items. Accepting, sorting and distributing donated items is a large undertaking. Our staff has found that they can be more effective by focusing on providing clients with services related to finding safety and healing from domestic abuse, while accessing other community resources to fulfil clients’ other needs.

If you have clothes or household items, there are many worthwhile organizations that have staff and volunteers to manage the donations. A few that we suggest as alternatives include:

Is there any other way to help?

EVERYONE can help by educating themselves about domestic violence, the warning signs of abuse, and what to do if you recognize them in your relationship or the relationship of someone you know. The more people who know about domestic violence, the better chance we have of ending the cycle. We offer educational webinars on topics related to domestic abuse and teen dating violence every month. If you are interested in learning more, check out our current offerings at www.safe-sound.org/events.

If someone you know needs help or has questions, our confidential call and text hotline is available 24/7 at 866.685.1122. Our safety planning guide is available at www.safe-sound.org/resource-center/safety-planning/