Happy Social Worker Appreciation Month!

A blog post celebrating social workers at Safe+Sound.



The common theme of purpose of Safe+Sound Somerset’s team of social workers is dedicating their lives to helping others. Social workers are present in times of crisis, helping people and communities overcome tragedies and challenges, and empowering people to live to their fullest potential. They advocate for positive changes that make our world a better place to live.

Our professional values of service, social justice and personal dignity stand out from other helping professions and guide all we do. A commitment to equity and justice for every individual, particularly those experiencing abuse and oppression, is an essential element of social work.

Social workers come to the field for so many reasons. They often come after personal hardships, working to overcome a difficult personal experience and then helping others do the same. One had a close friend die by suicide and made it their purpose to give others the help this friend never received. Another, after a painful experience as a youth, works with traumatized children and teens to help them move forward.

We prepare for this work through extensive education. The process of higher education and requirements for licensure hold professionals to a high standard. Lifelong learning through required continuing education ensures we are up to date on professional developments, skills and techniques in the field. At Safe+Sound Somerset, we focus on topics such as understanding the impact of trauma and abuse on all areas of health and safety planning.

Our social work team is dedicated to developing new professionals in the field of domestic violence. An internship at S+SS prepares new social workers to see warning signs and connect survivors to services. Social work interns are given opportunities to expand their skills, while being mentored by professionals with expertise and empathy as they prepare for this meaningful career. In turn, these new professionals bring fresh insight, improving the established system with creative thinking and new perspectives.

Social workers make a difference in the lives of survivors on a daily basis. We are skilled, ready and eager to empower survivors on their healing journey!

If someone you know has experienced the trauma of domestic violence and may benefit from the help of working with a social worker, reach out through our confidential 24/7 hotline by calling or texting 866.685.1122. Information about all programs and services available at Safe+Sound Somerset can be found at www.safe-sound.org.