Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

<!–Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) members also respond in time of crisis. Under New Jersey law, an individual who has been sexually assaulted has the right to have a specially trained Confidential Sexual Violence Advocate present during all medical and law enforcement procedures.

Volunteer advocates, who have specialized training, are called Confidential Sexual Violence Advocates (CSVA) and are available to assist individuals after a sexual assault. While it takes tremendous strength and courage to reach out to other for help at such a difficult and traumatic time, the CSA can be an important resource providing support, information about victims’ rights under the law, and referrals to other community services.

SART can be activated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our helpline at 866.685.1122 or by going to the Emergency Department at RWJ University Hospital Somerset in Somerville.

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