Housing First

It’s one of the most basic and essential parts of life:  a safe place to call home. But for many survivors of domestic violence, the home they have known has been a place of abuse.

Safe+Sound Somerset knows the importance and effectiveness of offering housing resources to survivors of domestic violence. Based on a proven, national model, Safe+Sound Somerset’s Housing First program launches our clients and creates the path for the first decisive steps of their healing.

Research shows that DV survivors are four times more likely to experience homelessness then other women. Our Housing First program minimizes housing barriers as a reason for survivors to stay in abusive relationships. We provide a foundation upon which a range of crucial, coordinated services are built.

Safe+Sound Somerset is with survivors every step of the way, and it all begins at home. The pillars of Housing First, which provides survivors with safety, self-determination, and healing from trauma for survivors and their children, include:


Mobile Advocacy:

Survivors choose a convenient location to meet, such as a coffee shop, university, or library, where they feel safe.

Community Engagement:

Through collaborations with community partners, survivors are seamlessly connected to additional resources.


Flexible Funding Assistance:

Provides financial support to assist with housing stabilization, such as relocation, transportation and other expenses.

Landlord Alliance:

By educating landlords on financial abuse and its impact on survivors, we advocate for survivors seeking safe housing.