Financial Advocacy

Financial Empowerment Center

Safe+Sound Somerset’s Financial Empowerment Center supports survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence to create lives free from economic abuse and dependency. Our Financial Empowerment Center equips survivors with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create lives of financial independence and safety for themselves and their families.

Financial abuse is a tactic used by abusers to gain and maintain power and control in a relationship. It occurs in 99% of all cases of domestic violence. The forms of financial abuse may be subtle and can vary from relationship to relationship, but may include:

  • Controlling how money is spent
  • Withholding money or “giving” an allowance
  • Withholding basic living resources, medication or food
  • Not allowing a partner to work or earn money
  • Stealing a partner’s identity, money, credit or property

Individual Coaching

Through one-on-one coaching, survivors of economic abuse are empowered to create a plan for financial independence. Survivors learn the fundamentals of money and credit management, savings, affording stable housing and financial planning. Survivors are connected to resources and services that support their goal of financial self-sufficiency.

Group Workshops

Financial empowerment groups offer a safe environment for survivors to share their financial experiences with others in similar situations. Workshop topics include financial safety planning, resume writing, credit building, and holiday savings and spending.

Children’s Financial Literacy Program

Children’s Financial Literacy Program

Children Make Cents Too promotes healthy money management for the family through interactive games, educational activities, and parent and child discussions about savings, spending and budget management.