Family Advocacy

Besides the impact to a survivor’s physical and emotional well-being, domestic abuse also effects a survivor’s ability to care for family. Domestic abuse can impact housing, income, insurance and more, leaving families without the fundamentals of living a stable life.

By focusing on the basic needs of survivors and their families, such as access to nutritious foods, supplies like clothing and diapers, childcare, and education, we assist families in achieving new levels of holistic wellbeing in their homes. Through trauma-informed case management our clients established personalized action plans to flourish independently, giving them the ability to leave abuse behind once and for all.

Safe+Sound Somerset’s services are CONFIDENTIAL and offered at NO CHARGE.



New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Abuse

NJ Women, Infants & Children

Somerset County Board of Social Services

Parents as Teachers

Central Jersey Family Health Consortium

Zufall Health

Pregnancy Aid & Information Center – (908) 526-8121