Have you ever wanted to start over again? To get a fresh start, a new beginning?

When you support Safe+Sound Somerset, you are making a promise for a fresh start to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Your generous gift creates a first step on the road to safety and healing, a new beginning.

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Jamie, like many survivors who reach out to us for help, yearned for a new beginning for a long time. Jamie had endured emotional and financial abuse for years, living in fear for everyone’s safety, including their children’s.

The question often arises, “Why don’t they leave?” The truth is, for many, it’s not that simple.

In Jamie’s case, there was nowhere to go with the kids. After being out of work and controlled financially for years, Jamie didn’t think there were any safe options available. Jamie was desperately afraid of loosing custody and being cut out of the kids’ lives. They often felt trapped and hopeless. Without options, Jamie didn’t consider a future where they felt safe, whole, and loved.

But there’s good news…YOU can change the lives of survivors like Jamie’s family. Because of you, survivors are reclaiming their power and control, rebuilding their lives, and embracing new beginnings.

A gift from you is a promise, an investment in the services of Safe+Sound Somerset that made it possible for Jamie’s family to take that courageous step, leave, and build a safer future and loving home.

A gift from you will ensure that: Each time a survivor like Jamie calls, a compassionate voice answers the confidential 24/7 helpline, connecting survivors to our free and confidential services; Our emergency Safe House is always open, like on that particularly scary night when Jamie and the kids sought safety and refuge; Legal advocacy and case management
are available to help with securing restraining orders and other resources; Financial empowerment offers instruction on managing the family’s finances and finding a job; and Housing First is working to find property managers who understand the needs of survivors and provide affordable leases.

Because of people like you who give to support survivors, these services were all available to Jamie’s family. Today, Jamie and the kids are benefiting from counseling services and healing from the trauma of the violence they endured.

Please consider a generous investment in survivors by making a gift and provide a lifeline from hopelessness to optimism, from fear to thriving. Please give to create NEW BEGINNINGS for survivors and their families.

In gratitude,



Michele E. Boronkas,
CEO / President

P.S. Since 2019, our services have experienced a 79 percent surge in demand. In 2022, 12,006 individuals benefitted from our direct services, and education and prevention programs. Your gift will help us meet the continually rising demand, bridge the gap between hope and despair, and save lives.

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