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Each contribution brings a survivor closer to a life free of abuse.

Purple Purse Challenge

October 01, 2017 - 7:00pm

The Challenge runs through all the month of October!

There are 42,000 reasons you should contribute to our team. Can you name one? Donate during the Challenge, during the month of October, to help us reach our goal!

The Challenge runs through all the month of October!

At any given moment, in Somerset County alone, there are 42,000 individuals suffering in abusive relationships. Each and everyone of them deserve a better life; free from fear, free from shame, free to be happy. 

You can start them on their journey to becoming survivors by supporting the programs and services Safe+Sound Somerset provides. All of these services are free thanks to people like you who step up to make a difference in the community, one life at a time. Every life saved means another mother doesn't have to fear for her life or the lives of her children. Her extended family; mother, father, sister, brother are relieved not to have to watch their loved one suffer the indignities of abuse any longer. Colleagues don't see red eyes from crying, constant calls and texts from the abuser and the fear on her face when she has to walk through the parking lot alone. Your generous support will start the ripple of change in our community one survivor, one family at a time.


For More Information, Please Contact:

Veronica Finlay, Development Director at vfinlay@safe-sound.org or 908.359.0003, ext. 223